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CCD Registration has begun! 

Registrations will be held every Monday from 6:30-8:00pm in the CCD Office or you may register in the Parish Office during office hours. The registration fee is $35 per child for materials. If your child is eligible for Sacraments, you will be required to provide a copy of Birth Certificate, Baptismal Certificate, and the cost is $60 per child.

¡El registro de CCD ha comenzado! 

Las inscripciones se llevarán a cabo todos los lunes de 6:30 a 8:00 pm en la Oficina de CCD o puede registrarse en la Oficina Parroquial durante el horario de oficina. La cuota de inscripción es de $35 por niño para materiales. Si su hijo es elegible para los sacramentos, se le pedirá que proporcione una copia del certificado de nacimiento, certificado de bautismo y el costo es de $ 60 por niño.

Monday - Thursday
8:00 AM -5:00 PM

Fridays: 8:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Daily Masses/Misas Diarias

Monday: Communion Service

8:00 a.m. (Spanish)

6:00 p.m. (English)

Tuesday: Mass

8:00 a.m.(Spanish)

6:00 p.m. (English)

Wednesday: Mass

12:00 p.m. (Bilingual)

6:00 p.m. (English)

Thursday: Mass

8:00 a.m. (Spanish)

6:00 p.m. (Bilingual)

7:00 p.m. Holy Hour

Friday: Mass

12:00 p.m. (Bilingual)

6:00 p.m. (English)

Sunday Mass/Misa Dominicales

English:   Saturday Vigil     6:00pm
                 Sunday                11:15am
Español:  Sunday                7:00am y
9:00 am
Bilingual: Sunday                5:00pm

Sacrament of Reconciliation/Confesiones
Saturday/Sabado 4:30pm - 5:30pm
or by appointment (por cita)

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“We, the Catholic Community of St. Joseph,

are Called by God through our Baptism in Jesus Christ,

Empowered by the Holy Spirit, and Fed by the Eucharist,

to live a life of holiness and in communion with each other, and

to Proclaim, by words and actions,

the Good News of God’s Love to all our Brothers and Sisters”

Please come and join us for Eucharist and Fellowship

Por Favor ven y únete a nosotros en la Eucaristía y comunidad

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